rentausha (rentausha) wrote in sca_gulf_war,

This Year

Well, I can't go to Gulf War this year. I can't say that I'm sad about it though. I'm actually thrilled! I got a new job! Next year, I will be able to go AND I will actually be able to not stress out about finances!!!
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We will toast to "long term goals" at War for you!
Thank you!! I thought about driving up for the weekend... but 16 hours of driving... 8 each way... to be there late Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning doesn't sound really appealing.
You will soooooooo be missed-we will be thinking of you, fersure!!!
I would really love to go too, but unfortunately APSU moved spring break to the week *before* Gulf Wars, which really puts a damper on that one. The only way we could go would also be to drive up for the weekend, which of course would be a really miserable amount of driving for a weekend.