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Updated Schedule - Al Mahala at Gulf Wars


The updated schedule for Gulf Wars Al Mahala is online and ready for viewing and input.   Note that all areas in red are still very much in need of volunteers.  Please note that classes are not the only activity allowed - demos, performances or other creative activities representing M.E. and associated regions would be most welcome.

Please check to verify (if you have volunteered to teach or give a presentation).  Please let me know if there are any errors or omissions, such as spelling of your name, or title for your class/session.  Also, if you have previously told me a specific scheduled day or time to avoid when scheduling you, please remind me again if the schedule conflicts.

Please  view the schedule either by visiting the Gulf Wars website:  (www dot gulfwars dot org) and connecting to the Middle Eastern link, and then to the Al Mahala page,  or through either of these links:    (www dot almahala dot notlong dot com) or

Please note:  you must click TWICE on the schedule itself to get maximum size for viewing.

Alternately, let me know and I can send the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet directly to you as an e-mail attachment.

Zhara um Nikko
A&S - Al Mahala
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