Panda_Dancer (panda_dancer) wrote in sca_gulf_war,

Gulf Wars - Deadline Approaches

The most recent version of the Al Mahala class schedule is up for
viewing and comments.

Any e-mails sent to me within the last few hours will not show until
Monday's revision, which will be the version published in the Site Booklet.

Please check the most recent version of the Al-Mahala schedule either
here: or here: org/al_mahala/

and of course also available through the site - using the
pull-down menu to reach the "middle eastern" page.

Remember to click on the schedule TWICE to get the largest version, or
e-mail me and I'll send you the schedule as an excell

Humbly and In Service,
Zhara um Nikko
A&S, Al Mahala
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